«If holding pocket rockets, raise.» By John Greene

Logic reaches the heart of almost every game from every culture: a set of rules defines the win/loss conditions, whether a player is working for the attainment of a set goal, simply achieving a higher score, or taking all of the chips from the person across from them during the final showdown in a poker tournament.

«If holding pocket rockets, raise.» By John Greene holding pocket rockets

At the core of logic is the art of deductive reasoning where one looks at the available evidence and makes a decision.  Seeing how this connects to poker shouldn’t require too much of a link: deductive reasoning basically says «if a then, therefore, b» or to put it in relatable terms, «if holding pocket rockets, raise.» In recent weeks, I’ve talked about reducing the game to its very basics and concentrating on core strategy, but sometimes one has to remember that other people will adhere to logic too rigorously and being illogical can be a boon. Especially during early rounds of a game, you shouldn’t be afraid to bluff and test someone’s willingness to adhere to logic when confronted with an illogical event.

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