Is It Standard? This has to be the biggest generalization in Poker

I love a great debate, that’s my problem. If I have an opinion on something I’m going to air it specially when its something which I worry about. So I was able to find myself in the midst of a few interesting debates on 2+2 mainly based around peoples generalizations by what is standard.

Adjective: Used or accepted as normal or average: “the standard rate of income tax”.

Who decides what is standard in Poker? The saying goes that if you say something frequently enough irrespective of how true, then people will start to believe it. I do believe this holds some truth especially when it comes to Poker forums. This could work both ways, we see people giving helpful advice and people abide by it and it will help them, we also see bad advice and the same again except now it will harm their development but in most cases people do not understand why they are doing that something and take it as read.

Fold Pre

Among the best pieces of advice or worst pieces of advice you will see on a forum and let me tell you the biggest waste of time there is. Of the two hands that brought these debates we have A4s and 44 in EP with people giving the advice of Fold Pre without offering any explanation what so ever about why that ought to be. Why is that? Im likely to hazard a guess that usually its because they have keep reading a Poker forum that you dont open x Hand from X position.

Have they thought about it for an additional though why this may not be true? Probably not.

Is It Standard? This has to be the biggest generalization in Poker pieces advice

Thinking Outside The Box

We all try this don’t we? No we don’t. You say you do, however, you don’t. many people don’t even consider their actions at the tables and just do things they have got in the habit of, this is great if you are already a good player but if you should be doing it wrong then those habits will probably be the hardest to break. Before we make a decision at the dining table the simplest questions to ask ourselves are Why? and What?

Why am I folding this hand pre?

What if I raised rather than folding? Every decision must certanly be made in that moment and never on some tatty looking hand chart that you have stuck to your monitor. Decide to try thinking for a change, your game will thanks for it. I included many generalizations on this page but you probably spotted them?

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