Multi-tabling on a Mac

We've all seen those award-winning I'm A Mac commercials

В One thing that they neglect to mention is that Mac users can actually ditch OS X altogether and run Windows rather stably on their Apple computers, if they want.Of course, Snow Leopard (Mac's latest effort) is so incredible that it quickly puts the allegedly state of the art Windows 7 operating system to shame. Mac users who enjoy multi-tasking or playing multiple tables at once can take advantage of Spaces, one of OS X's finest features.

Multi-tabling on a Mac

В When using Spaces, it's as if you have multiple active desktops running at the same time. You can have up to 16 spaces, but what's even better is that you can setup this feature so the correct space appears once you need to act. You can create a space by clicking on the Expose Spaces icon in the System Preferences menu.Once you activate Spaces, you can easily drag game windows from one space to another.

Don't forget to also benefit from Corners, that will let you launch a Mac feature of your choosing by simply moving the mouse to a specific corner of the screen. The Corners feature works especially well with Spaces. Try testing it out today.

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